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 At Zimarcus Energy reliability is our enduring legacy to meet our custumer demands. 

Zimarcus Energy Services is a professionally managed company offering core services to the upstream oil and gas industry, Marine industry as well as the construction industry. With a large talent base and with offices in Port Harcourt, Nigeria Zimarcus enegy has teams ready to go where you need them most: 

Core services
Zimarcus Energy Services is driven to ensure complete client satisfaction, at Zimarcus we do the following;

  • We Configure: We can look at yor problem analyse it and provide engineering solutions, whether in the area of pump installation, electrical equipment such as switchgear, UPS systems etc as well as instrumentaton and control solutions. Our team of engineers are available to consult with you to provide the optimal solution at all times.
  • We Install: From fabrication to installation to start up and reliability testing we offer our services to expedite your project .
  • We Operate: Our dedicated and qualified staff are on hand to provide enhanced equipment performance by following accepted mainenance guidelines and standard operating procedures to ensure maximum uptime and minimal downtime. ensuring that you meet you production targets in a cost effective manner
Zimarcus Energy Services is founded on the enduring vision of reliability. Our ultimate goal, at all times, has been to ensure that our clients get the best at all time and to achieve this we recognise the value of training for knowledge and skills development within our workforce. 

We understand that reliability comes, more than anything else, with dedication, and this cannot be instilled into anyone through training. Continuous team-building and bonding exercises conducted at various times across Zimarcus keeps the mood upbeat and fosters a Can Do attitude. With processes built for flexibility and precision, reliability has become a de facto condition of all of our deliverables today.
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